Top 3 Trends Likely To Escalate Demand For Lidar In Mapping Solutions Worldwide

PoloSoft has predicted that the worldwide LiDAR mapping market will value at USD 3.5 Billion by 2025.

Top 3 Trends Likely To Escalate Demand For Lidar In Mapping Solutions Worldwide

In 2018 a breakthrough in LiDAR technology enabled a group of engineers and a team of 15+ researchers to map over 60,000 structures in the Mayan lowlands. This enabled the world to witness a prominent surge in the adoption of a number of systems and solutions which could finally be integrated into a LiDAR system. The mapping of the Mayan structure gave scientists the information to study the most extensive map of the Maya establishments to date.

In reality, the whole LiDAR mapping industry is credited to the rising demand for urban planning and determining the expanding urban population and the emergence of smart cities across the globe. This surge in the demand to reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions has also paved the way for LiDAR services technology to evolve where it is today. 

The 21st century witnessed a massive spike in the demand for LiDAR-based solutions. Although the high cost of resources, equipment, and project cost today act has the primary obstacle for its growth. Although it may influence LiDAR development revenue generation in some way, the demand for surveying techniques for oil and gas fields has definitely fast-forwarded the technology.

Top 3 future predictions of highlighted points of LiDAR market size demand worldwide as given below:

  • In-depth analysis of market risks, opportunities, limitations, and growth of the market.
  • The details of five years of forecast analysis by types, regions, and applications.
  • Participants' profiles along with product description, overview, and business data.

Application of the LiDAR tech into the mapping industry has emerged as a tech of tremendous importance especially in the field of oil & gas sector. Today, Govt. organizations are entering into the market to identify new sources of energy as well as take the steps further to bolster market share in the years to come.


Looking further into the market strategies being undertaken by industries around the world we are definitely seeing a surge in innovation in the mapping business space. Top LiDAR companies are now introducing low-cost LiDAR sensors which will target the mapping market explicitly. Just like developing a LiDAR system to enable cars to get a 3-D view of the road around them. After developing it once, it can be offered as a technology to other clients at a cheap cost because of its increasing demand. The technology’s widespread use in town planning has compelled the construction companies to make use of drones equipped with LiDAR technology to perform the topographic mapping

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