Benefits Of CAD Design and Drafting

With numerous benefits of working with CAD here are a few that tells us why CAD is the favorite for designers and architects

Benefits Of CAD Design and Drafting

CAD can be referred to as one of the biggest developments in the construction industry. As we know, civil engineering and construction is happening for a long time, and drawing an architecture before, it’s made is a practice being followed since then (then).

Getting a drawing accurate is of utter necessity and errors in architectural drawings can lead to architectural disasters. This fact urged people to develop better and better tools to scale and construct drawings that can show (the) errorless design drawing.

How It Helped Engineers:

Industrial design, engineers saw a great relief, explaining their designs to their fabrication contractors or manufacturing firms. A well-designed and neat 2D drawing are much better than a hand-made 2D drawing made with rulers and french curves.

Significance OF CAD in Designing:

CAD is software used by many in the construction industry, real estate business, auto parts, and oil and gas.
Being a design engineer, the concern of understanding the design, functionality, features of a product is very important. CAD generates a design that helps in understanding all the features and design of a product and hence makes the production process very simple.

Advantages CAD Brings to a Design Project:

  • Improving the design quality
  • Precise geometric dimension
  • Parametric CAD makes editing CAD models easy.
  • With digital 3D design, improvement in design structure is possible.
  • Economical designing process

3 Steps CAD Designing Process: 

  1. Analysis of the product
  2. Conceptualizing the product design
  3. Synthesize the product design idea

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