6 Advantages Of Angular JS

Angularjs has been popular among developers and designers since the day of its launch, we are pointing out the most exciting features that made Angular this popular

6 Advantages Of Angular JS

Angularjs has been popular among developers and designers since the day of its launch in 2010. Packed with loads of features to develop mobile and desktop-based applications, it is certainly developers' first choice since the day of its launch. Today we are discussing six advantages, Angularjs has over its counterparts.

Popular Client-Side Framework:

There are many popular frameworks out there but no one is as popular as Angular. The fans of React might not agree with the statement but I believe Reactjs is more of a library than a framework hence Angular has an upper hand on it.

Fewer Lines Of Code:

We can do a bigger task with just a few lines of code thanks to the Angular JS library. If you are thinking about why writing more codes is a problem then I would say, the more the number of lines in code more augmentation with testing, and bug fixing will be required. So the less the number of lines are in a code, the better manageable it is.

Business Logic Instead of Getter and Setters:

AngularJS lets us write more business logic than getters and setters, we can thank the wonderful feature called “two-way data binding” which helps us get rid of getters and setters.

Declarative and Easy to Understand HTML Code:

Angular bring Javascript into HTML, HTML was built for web programming but it should have been like Angularjs. You can tap into the full potential of Angularjs with Angular material which makes the experience amazing.

Simple To Unit Test:

Sometimes, beginners and also experienced individuals refrain from writing test cases but once one starts writing it, the work becomes super easy and program flow comes seamless for developers.

If you use Jasmine, you write before each piece of code and you can instantiate a module before each block you can inject a few controllers, services, filters, and others to get your logic working.

No Need to Let go of any Framework like Jquery:

This is a very important feature for me, frameworks like extended Javascript don’t allow to combine Jquery with it. Angular is the best of both worlds, on the one hand, it gives us two-way data binding, on the other hand, we don’t need to compromise on flashy catchy Jquery. Angular also allows us to use the Jquery plugin to get certain tasks done in seconds.

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