How CAD Drafting revolutionized the Architectural industry

CAD has revolutionized the architectural industry like no other. The oldest industry of mankind learned the modern way of designing and building new architectures

How CAD Drafting revolutionized the Architectural industry

Just 4 decades ago, CAD changed the way the architectural industry used to work. No more need for the hand-drawn designs which were then drafted using large board drafters. The CAD revolution made the work less arduous, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. CAD enabled owners to cut down on the number of drafters while bringing more accuracy into their work.

CAD eventually changed the way the industry worked, very quickly CAD became the industry standard as all designs and drawings were digitized using CAD software. Architects were enjoying the liberty to build multiple variations of the same design and soon efforts were also started to standardize the norms of CAD design.
Today, almost all the architectural designs made go through CAD once or twice.

Benefits of Architectural CAD drafting:

Revolution in architectural drawing transformed the architectural design industry into a modern industry, which can adapt to the request to change, from one client to another very fast.

Using architectural CAD drafting service in designing and drafting projects improved efficiency, reduced cost of the project, and improved dimension accuracy.


The introduction of CAD drafting changed the way the architectural CAD designing industry worked. Giving a boost to the industry and modernizing it, CAD is now the most important software used by the architectural designing industry.

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