Real Time Fire Mapping

GIS has been of great help to many industries. One of the industries that are being guarded by GIS is the forest fire control industry, which is using GIS to also predict future hazards.

Real Time Fire Mapping

Since the early days of the satellite-based navigation system, scientists are eager to get a system that can predict, analyze and report for any forest fire hazards. Imagine a satellite system that tells you in advance if a fire hazard can happen and with what intensity and where it will spread.

With the current state of satellites, we are still able to use the satellites to map and understand Forrest in a manner where we can plan on how to fight a fire in the best way possible. This is done by looking for the kind of forestation, the density of forestation, contour of the area, water bodies in the area, etc.

With NASA’s recent disclosure, it is believed that NASA is developing an AI-based system, Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) that can use artificial intelligence to help predict future wildfires. It takes the data of previously mapped wildfires to judge and predict a place that can get into a wildfire. This system will help take the necessary steps in advance and also get people aware beforehand about future incidents.

With such a powerful system at hand, the only other necessary system that is required is a satellite system that can monitor the affected area and provide real-time data at a certain speed that will enable the computation from MODIS effective. One such solution is to have CubeSats, miniature satellites that can roam over an affected or to be affected area and provide data to the MODIS to compute.

Real-time and near-real-time fire mapping:

A miniature satellite can be mounted with thermal sensors that can map the area for the intensity of the fire. Along with thermal sensors, infrared cameras mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) can provide a live feed of a forest fire and hence can help firefighters calculate the direction of fire.

The recent approaches to real-time simulation with satellite monitoring have been focused on greater coverage and temporal resolution such as having a window of 10 minutes before different image sessions with a resolution near 500m approx.

With mapping data available for a place and with live simulation from a miniature satellite can combine to become the best defense against forest fires. Polosoft technology is great at providing GIS mapping services that are essentially helpful for situations like forest management and forest fires.

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