What is Pole Loading Analysis-Explained

The basics of pole loading analysis explained

What is Pole Loading Analysis-Explained

Electric cables, telephone lines, and other communication wires depend on the poles they are hanging on. There are huge contracts given out to manage and install such poles and the overhanging equipment.

The challenge for the contractors is to find out the capacity for a pole to bear the load of the attachments added to it, they hire surveyors who then carry out a complete survey and analysis, more precisely a pole loading analysis to provide the relative data.

Different Factors Affecting Pole Loading:

Factors that count while calculating for the pole loading are the cable type, like Aluminium cable, steel cable, copper, CATV, etc. Cable diameter, span length, pole material, pole depth also has a big factor while calculating the pole loading threshold.

The attachment weight, material, voltage of current flowing in case of power cable matters along with the weather of the area, wind, rain and also ice do matter while calculating the pole loading.

Why Pole Loading Analysis is Necessary:

Industries like power and telecom are very big and risk-prone. Their network is spread across countries and requires frequent checks and maintenance of the lines. There are great risks associated with pole loading, both financial and human.

Due to the high amount of risk associated, the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) an assigned branch of the Government, looks into the regulations that any project needs to pass for safety compliance.

How Pole Loading Analysis helps:

  • Incorporate pole loading as a part of the 3rd party application process
  • Locate and replace overloaded poles prior to failure
  • Enhance your existing pole loading expertise and resources
  • Meet the guidelines of regulatory authorities for pole loading (related to storms, winds, fires, and hurricanes)
  • Ensure your load calculations are accurate to support proper designing
  • Increase public safety
  • Increase system reliability
  • Locate and resolve damaged field assets
  • Locate and resolve illegal foreign attachments

Pole Loading Analysis Work by Agency:

Polosoft Technologies provides cost-effective pole loading analysis services, that perform structurally and stress analysis. The pole loading analysis helps estimate and mitigate risk factors in the power and telecom industries. Also, we manage clearance analysis by producing pole tip height, attachment heights, wire diameters, relative measurements, pole strengthening, and pole replacement design. We have worked for many industries with satisfied customers all over the world.

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