The Secret Of a Perfect Software Launch: QA & Testing

QA and software testing services aim to ensure that software fully meets its requirements and user expectations.

The Secret Of a Perfect Software Launch: QA & Testing

Software defects have a direct, negative impact on profitability. Even a small number of defects can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. Plus, QA and software testing can make or break go-live schedules and user adoption of new technologies. Leaders must rely on proven testing processes and technologies to increase efficiency and precision while reducing risk, costs, and cycle times. QA and software testing services aim to ensure that software fully meets its requirements and user expectations. 

We help define quality goals, then we thoroughly examine each of them and define a set of steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its performance requirements. Quality in our delivery paradigm stands for “a solution which perfectly fits the client’s business objectives”.

Polosoft Technologies adopts a strategic approach to quality management, helping to win more business agility and at the same time reducing costs and business and technical risks. We work with your company to ensure that IT investments are optimized. The goal is to integrate new approaches to dealing with a quality and from the point of view of a business. Polosoft technologies specialize in high value-added software testing and even Agile-aligned app testing to support faster timeframes. Now you can have a flexible partner that can meet your business needs and deliver the quality your end-users expect.

 QA & Testing

Why stress on Quality Assurance and Testing:


The Pulse of Agile Development Methodologies

In an agile scenario, the scope of each sprint is short, and so is the deadline for its completion. In such cases, sprint managers often tend to ignore the value of QA, thus, taking a huge gamble on software’s quality. By integrating quality assurance practices at the beginning, this gamble can be safely converted into a well-planned and executed project that successfully delivers high value to the customers. 

Better User Experience, Enhanced User Satisfaction

Users crave nothing less than a smooth experience. As the world is undergoing rapid technological advancements, the consumers’ patience for botcy, non-intuitive software is wearing thin while brand loyalty has become a myth. Users today do not think twice before jumping to the competitor’s product if they are offering a better experience.

Better Efficiency with Lower Costs and Failure Risks

By embedding quality assurance into the development cycle, organizations can eliminate the risks associated with software failure significantly.

Having a software quality assurance strategy in place ascertains that the developers do not lose track of the customer requirements while taking a few creative liberties here and there. Deviating a lot from the predefined plan may cause non-alignment between the end product and the project requirements, resulting in reworking and violation of the determined timeline.

Prevention Over Correction for Issue Address

As opposed to the legacy software development methodologies, software quality assurance takes the preventive route for finding bugs and addressing issues related to functionality, performance, or security.

Proactiveness in terms of error detection helps organizations eliminate the possibilities of failure, thus enabling the production of high-performing, intuitive, and stable software. Quality assurance activities help identify and eradicate processes that produce waste or do not meet the standards. 

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