Debunking The Common Myths About Land Surveying

With Land Surveying becoming more important year by year, there are some common myths also that are growing their roots. In this article, we demolish a few of them.

Debunking The Common Myths About Land Surveying

Land Surveying is a different and somewhat difficult process that requires a lot of training and professionalism. Land surveying is a necessary part of modern life, especially if you’re trying to buy or sell a property. Having your land surveyed can give you a definitive idea about where your property lies. If you're planning to install stormwater management or a fence on your property, land surveying becomes extremely important. These common myths circling around land surveying are a burning example of how people perceive the idea. 

  • Performing A Land Survey Is Expensive

Not expensive, but an investment. When people end up spending more on the land survey, it’s usually because of the mistakes made during the design process. If you are hiring a professional surveyor and he completes the survey correctly, you wouldn’t have to pay an extra penny from your pocket. 

  • It Doesn’t Need To Be That Accurate 

It always does. This idea usually develops when people are focused on the cost or time. There’s no such thing as an approximate survey. It’s always either accurate or not accurate. It’s inevitable that additional parties will rely on your work, such as current adjoining landowners. So, don’t waste your time thinking about the time or cost of the survey, instead focus on how your survey can be accurate.  

  • Older The Fence, Accurate The Survey

Why? Because you assume it to be your property line? An existing fence, especially one that has stood for several decades, should only be regarded as an approximation of your property line. The fence could represent an outdated set of property lines, or it may have been erected to denote a set of hypothetical property lines that were not approved in the first place. Think again, it might not be your property line.

  • All The Lands Are Already Surveyed

Not all lands are surveyed, despite being the 21st century. Even if all the land in your area is done already, don’t rely on the old maps as things change over time. It is recommended that you hire a professional survey company to assist you with your property OKC.

  • Neighbors don’t Encroach On Each Other Property 

If the property line is not determined beforehand, there’s a high chance for the neighbors to encroach on each other’s property. Clear up any confusion and confirm your land’s dimensions and value by hiring a professional land surveyor to establish the right property lines.  

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