How Mobile GIS Application is helping surveyors

Learn about the Scope mobile application brings to the survey industry. Also, learn about the future scopes of GIS mobile applications

How Mobile GIS Application is helping surveyors

There was a time when GPS devices were taken out in the field to determine the exact location and noted down on a paper while conducting any survey. This information from the paper was then fed to any computer where the survey data is stored and processed.

With the modernization of the world around us, the survey industry has also gone through tremendous technological advancements. Multiple mobile applications have been developed which are capable to help a surveyor gather data much more quickly and accurately than earlier traditional ways.  

You can find a few applications best suited for the survey Industry here: Mobile application for GIS Survey.

Polosoft Technologies is known to build mobile applications specific to the GIS industry and understands the various aspects with which surveys can be modernized using technologies like mobile applications and GNSS receivers.

With our recent NMEA recorder mobile application named GNSS Surveyor, surveyors from around the world can use an external GNSS device to connect with a mobile device and generate location accuracy with centimeter-level accuracy.

Future Of GIS Mobile Applications:

With our upcoming mobile application, it will be easier than ever to use a mobile application to do a full-scale survey without using any survey equipment. The application will use the mobile location service to record survey data for a location. It will also enable to add features to be used for a survey along with the freedom to upload a map from MBTiles to work offline.

The application will also enable to connect with external GNSS receivers to get higher precision of location, in short, it will allow conducting a full-scale survey on a mobile device.

With the recent advancement in mobile application devices, surveyors and survey companies around the world are creating customized mobile applications suitable to their needs. Polosoft technologies are working along with such clients to help them have a custom mobile application suited to their needs.

If you need a consultation regarding any GIS mobile application development, make sure to contact us here at Polosoft Technologies.

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