What is React JS and Why to use it?

React is another library of Javascript that is used in creating powerful user interfaces. Let us understand more benefits of React JS

What is React JS and Why to use it?

React JS is primarily used for creating user interfaces and is just another library of Javascript. It was developed at Facebook and is still maintained by Facebook and a community of developers from all across the world.

Let us begin by understanding what React.js is?

  • React is a library for building user interfaces that could include user interfaces for web or Android and iOS applications for mobile devices. 
  • React framework has been written in Javascript language.
  • React was developed by a developer named Jordan in the year 2011 at Facebook, it was later open-sourced by Facebook in 2013.
  • The language is declarative, elements can be declared using XML type syntax.
  • React does one thing and does it nicely, it is exclusively used to describe the visual appearance of a user interface element and the dynamic interaction with the user.
  • React is modular in nature, you can create components in React while also being able to nest components into each other. React also allows reusing components in different views.

Let us find out now, why use React.js?
In case you are wondering, why use React? if you are already using HTML to create web pages or if using frameworks like Angular js, Knockout.js along HTML to give your page a dynamic edge. This section will address these questions, here are a few benefits of React:

Open Source: Since it is outsourced by Facebook, anyone can download it and use it in any way possible without spending a dime.

Javascript for the web client, server, and mobile application: To use React all you need to know is Javascript, which most of the developers already know. Familiarity with the React library is enough to get going with React.

Better Performance: React has a much better performance compared to other Javascript frameworks like the Angular framework

Who is using React: Companies like Netflix, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook chat, New York Times, Khan Academy, Air BNB Uses React.js. This is a testimonial of how popular is React.js.

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