Create A/B Test on Shopify Store

Conducting split testing is one of the most important features in eCommerce success. Get a look at how we conduct a successful A/B test.

Create A/B Test on Shopify Store

What is an A/B Test?

An A/B test or split test is conducted to check between different versions of a page for how people are interacting with them. With an A/B test, we can find out if a version of a design is better than others or not.

A/B test helps us tremendously to improve our sales. We only need to select various aspects of a page which we need to check, let’s call it "test parameters". Now we need to build multiple pages with different test parameters to find the perfect combination of parameters.

The process to Conduct an A/B Test for Shopify Page:

To create a test for your Shopify page, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify development Page Edit Option.
  2. Select Page Variation
  3. Select any aspect of your design to split test like the checkout cart design or placement, product description placement, etc.
  4. Note: It is highly suggested that you select only one aspect of a page to test at a time.
  5.   Submit the URL of different page variations into any A/B testing website.
  6. Note: Optimizely, VWO, Omniconvert, Crazyegg, AB Tasty, Fresh Market, Convert are some of the best online tools which allow A/B testing.
  7.   Submit all your URLs into this tool.
  8.   This tool will generate a campaign where it will show different pages to different users and record their activities on the page.
  9.   The tool will show all the different pages an equal number of times to generate a measurable result.
  10.   The time and duration of the split test can be selected by the user.
  11.   At the end of the test, the tool will show the result and tell which version of the page performed better on various measures.

With multiple A/B tests, we can test multiple variations of a web page with many different test objects. This eventually takes us to the page which performs best for us.

We here at Polosoft Technologies help our clients with Shopify development services and perform various split tests to give a user the best-performing website that they can ever wish for.

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