Benefits Of GIS for different Industry

Find out the benefits of GIS for companies in different industries

Benefits Of GIS for different Industry

The increased awareness of GIS benefits for different industries and different organizations is now inevitable. There is a growing interest in the economic and strategic value of GIS, mainly because of the benefits demonstrated by GIS users.

There is an increase in the number of GIS enterprise solutions, and IT strategies that include GIS.

The Benefits of GIS technology fits well with 4 different categories:

Cost Saving:

This has to do with the functionality that an organization makes use of from GIS. It may reduce the time spent to a greater extent, including the labor charges with GIS automation. For a small example, logistic companies make use of GIS to find better routes for their delivery and are believed to reduce the cost by up to 70%.

Better Decision Making:

This is about selecting a location after considering various factors. It is believed that selecting a better location is of utmost importance for the success of an organization. Real estate business, route/corridor selection, natural resources extraction all take use from GIS.

Improved Communication:

GIS-based maps are a great source of information and also a great way to demonstrate any crisis situation or any other situation. GIS-based maps are used to better communicate between different departments to share knowledge and information.  

Managing tasks geographically:

GIS is widely used as an enterprise information system. In government and many private sector departments, GIS data are kept for getting a better understanding of various geographic patterns and relationships including land use, crime, and the environment or defense/security issues.

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