Applications of GIS in Space

Read how Space agencies are making use of GIS technology on their voyage to outer space

Applications of GIS in Space

How Space Agencies Collect Data:

Thinking of how agencies like NASA and ROSCOSMOS collect data about space might make many very curious. Many of us would visualize astronauts collecting data from the surface of space bodies, but in reality, space agencies collect data about many planets and other space objects without even sending an astronaut.

Scientists use Geographical Information System (GIS) to collect the data of outer space from satellites launched in space, these satellites capture images and send them back to Earth to be processed by GIS technicians to develop spatial information about the surface of the planet.

How Spatial Information is Useful Studying Mars:

Getting to know our neighbor planets is very useful for space agencies. We are using GIS technology to map the surface of any planet, this information helps in understanding the history of the planet as well as the environment of the planet.

Advancement in GIS technology has enabled us to get the best spatial information than ever before. These images are nothing less than a wealth of spatial information for scientists trying to study space bodies.

In 2001 space agency NASA sent Odessey, a robotic spacecraft to Mars. Since the October of 2001, the spacecraft has been sending back images from the atmosphere of Mars back to Earth. The scientists are studying these images to better understand the surface of the planet and also the fact that if Mars once had any life on it.

The space probes in the Martian atmosphere are installed with cameras that are enabled to capture infrared images of the mars surface. These infrared images help depict valuable information like the mineral on the surface, the temperature of the surface, and tectonic activity on the planet.

This information from the surface of any planet is useful in numerous ways, including researching the best-suited path for a rover or even the best landing location for a future manned mission.

Mapping From Space to Resolve Problems on Earth:

Space agencies are not only limited to exploring space but are also answerable for reporting activities on earth. GIS technology is actively used by space agencies like NASA to explore and report the different changes happening on the surface of Earth.

By using just GIS technology, a geospatial agency can perform various tasks like:

  • Report climate change
  • Track a certain area affected by any disease
  • Monitor population, river flow, deforestation, and crisis-affected area

The maps generated by using GIS technologies are very rich in information. With spatial information, the maps can be fused with different data to bring incredible results like:

  • Specific political party supporters in a given location
  • Medical Stores in a locality
  • Hazard outbreak in a location
  • Banks density in a location

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