7 Advantages of iOS Platform For App Development

Android and iOS have their differences, we are finding differences between the two development platforms.

7 Advantages of iOS Platform For App Development

There is a healthy IT war among iOS and Android developers, for which platform offers the best application development environment. Where Android has a larger market on the global stage, iOS is known to provide the best user experience to its customers. The companies who are into app development understand the difference that both platforms possess.

As an iOS development company and an Android development company, we offer our best services for a given project and also understand that a few differences in the platform bring a huge change in development. Here are a few differences between the iOS development platform and the Android development platform that we think are worth sharing.

Application Quality: 

There are a lot many mobile applications being developed in Android than iOS, but this also degrades the play store with less authentic apps. The iOS app store has managed to keep applications only which are good for the user and do what it promises to do. This makes the quality of applications in the Appstore far better than the average apps in the Playstore.

More Genuine and Authentic Applications: 

Playstore acts like an open-source platform because which Android platform gets overloaded with applications that are thin in content or charge too much for a subscription fee. iOS Appstore, on the other hand, has more strict regulations which act as a filter to such applications on the Appstore's platform making it more secure to spam applications. 

Better User Experience:

When it comes to iOS devices they are closely built on the same OS and don’t have a huge change in their functionality. This makes an application made for one device run the same on other devices.

Android offers the freedom to use the OS as per the manufacturer’s wish, which makes it harder for developers to build an application that performs the same way in every device.

Enhanced Power Management:

Users are shifting to iOS devices because the enhanced battery life that an iOS device offers is a great add-on for user experience. The one reason why any iOS device provides extended battery life is that they don’t support LTE which is supported by Android and the other is that iOS also doesn’t allow third-party apps to get installed in the device which can run in the background and reduce battery life.

Improved voice assistant:

The iOS owned Siri, an artificial intelligence assistant, is so advanced that it can handle almost all the user inquiries without any errors. AI assistance makes the iOS platform a better choice than Android for many users.

Better support for USB audio devices:

Another great feature for which Android lags behind iOS is the way iOS uses USB cable record and play audio from the device.

Separate Tablet listing:

iOS offers different listings for mobile and tablets which makes it easier for an application to rank for tablet or mobile. Applications are prebuilt to adjust to either a small screen or a large screen only.

As Apple doesn’t forbid their users from having the best experience to run a smartphone, iOS always ends up with the best possible applications on the Appstore. As a developer or business owner, if you are thinking to go with one of the two discussed platforms, go with a less sophisticated iOS platform before comparatively easier Android development.

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