Mobile Application For GIS Surveyor

Can mobile apps replace your survey equipment? Read This!!

Mobile Application For GIS Surveyor

Here in this post, I am listing out 8 mobile apps which have the potential of replacing your survey equipment. These mobile apps are hand-picked for a survey and our experts have chosen these applications personally after testing.

If you are a land survey professional then these are a good choice of mobile apps for you, which can come in handy as well as prove vital in decreasing the work-load and extra baggage for you:

Map gis

MapIt is a GIS app designed to support GPS knowledge assortment and any reasonably GPS / GNSS primarily based surveys. it is a mobile GIS tool for land and field surveyors and anyone managing environmental and GIS knowledge. MapIt makes GIS knowledge assortment or field survey method quicker and additional economical.

The app will be conjointly used as an active tool to calculate areas or distances. The data will be unionized on layers and exported to a range of common formats.

- environmental surveys,
- woodland surveys,
- forestry planning and woodland management surveys,
- agriculture and soils' types surveys,
- road constructions,
- land surveying,
- solar panels applications,
- roofing and fencing,
- tree surveys,
- GPS and GNSS surveying,
- site surveying and soil samples gathering


Mappt may be a powerful GIS (Geographic data System) knowledge assortment app that permits users to make, edit, store and share location-based knowledge with one lightweight, compact device. Mappt is employed in industries spanning from environmental and agriculture to mining and native government in over a hundred thirty countries worldwide.

- Field mapping
- Land Surveying
- Vegetation management
- Forestry planning
- Environmental management
- Incident reporting
- my management
- Farm mapping
- Utility mapping
- Government planning
- Asset management

GNSS Surveyor

Connect an external Bluetooth GNSS device with GNSS Surveyor and compare your location with completely different satellite systems. It provides advanced GNSS info like HRMS, VRMS, 3DRMS values, HDOP, PDOP, VDOP, Differential standing, Satellites insight, and Used, that square measure vital for GIS and measurement information assortment.

Easy to permit mock location on your automaton phone or pill and use the position of the external receiver in any third-party application. Get GPS standing information like position, height, accuracy, satellites, speed in real-time. read and analyze the position information provided by the GNSS receivers and information associated with its location.

* show location data and quality of the position data in a period with sub-meter/ centimeter accuracy.
* read all or Hide all constellations one by one on sky plot and distinct color for various constellations for higher identification.
* Constellation data for GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS, SBAS.
* Send commands to external GNSS GPS device and look at the output knowledge on Terminal.
* Log all received NMEA Messages and Binary knowledge on the Terminal window.
* Simple to use one-bit antecedent designed commands to speak directly with GNSS Bluetooth device.
* Record and transfer the information file permitting post-processing of data for measurement and biology, utilities, agriculture, environmental and different natural resources business professionals.
* inbuilt NTRIP consumer to access RTK or DGNSS correction from any RTK Network.
* Direct information processing feature for RTK corrections knowledge.
* Configurable perceptible and visual alerts.
* Multi-language support.
* Multi-activity units support.
* Convert DMS to DD or the other way around.

Survey master

With Survey Master you'll survey through Topo survey/Auto survey, Static and terrorist organization modes; edit and stake points/lines. additionally, this App provides a convenient thanks to import/export mensuration data files, supporting data formats: TXT, CSV, and AutoCAD DXF. strive it currently for FREE!
Note: Please keep Bluetooth on your phone opened so Survey Master and T300 receiver will connect with success.


1) Create a brand new survey project
2) Manage data point systems
3) Connect with T300 GNSS receivers via Bluetooth
4) GNSS surveys (Field information collection)
5) Data files output

Surveying in the field

You can work freelance within the Field with any total station. In the surveillance mode, you'll use the keyboard or knowledge from the file. In Survey mode you'll store the measurements and also the coordinates during a file. Simple for people who are aware of what to try and do.


This software package is a part of RTKLIB two.4.2p9 developed by Tomoki Takasu ( if you are doing not apprehend what this application is; this application is maybe not what you're trying for! This application will reckon precise GPS positions victimization RTKLIB algorithms (RTK or PPP) except for this you wish a supported -external- GPS with raw carrier section output.

This is not a "standard" GPS like those embedded into your phone or your automobile, the most cost-effective ones you'll notice are some things like uBlox LEA-6T.

1. Show the altitude within the standing read: For activating this you wish to decide on Height: Geodetic within the "Solution Options" read
2. Send mock locations to different applications: For activating this you wish to envision within the "Solution Options" read Output GPS mock locations, however, this can be solely operating if you have got allowed "mock locations" within the developer settings (in golem setting). Today (in one.0alpha13) the mock locations don't seem to be usable within the Google map API.
3. Mechanically transfer log file or answer file to your Dropbox account
4. Will generate a gpx file of the track
5. a. Will show the lead to ECEF, WGS84 Lat/Lon, NAD83, Lambert ninety-three (RGF93), or UTM (with automobile zoning) organization
b. Use any Proj4 projection
6. Will show ellipsoid height or geodesic altitude (different geoid models are often used see: for the way to put in a geoid model)
7. Use any RTKLIB compliant GNSS with raw output connected via USB (ACM/PL2303/FTDI), Bluetooth, TCPIP or NTRIP
8. Will show some maps returning from IGN Geoportail (cadastral parcels, satellite, roads), OpenStreetMap Mapnik, Bing (satellite, roads).
9. Will transfer and use IGS ultra-rapid yearbook

Land Surveyor

The Land Surveyor is a tool to calculate the area of a Land. It is a terribly simple-to-use application with an enticing interface.

In the Geometric technique, the odd-formed plot is surveyed and aforethought over the paper. The space of the plot is then divided into geometric figures like triangles and Rectangles whose area may be calculated by the formula. First, the biggest size geometric figure which will be showing neatness be drawn within the map is formed, followed by smaller shapes, until the entire area has been occupied.

All the figures have their areas calculated, which area unit then supplemental along to allow the overall space. You can save the survey for future reference. Square Meters is that the mensuration of total space. By victimization the converter we will modification sq. Meters into Cents, Acres, and Hectares.

Mobile Topographer Free: The leading tool for the skilled surveyor or anyone United Nations agency needs to mark his property, giving the simplest accuracy and intensive practicality auto stop for correct positioning. Examine the satellites on top of you in an exceeding sky read. Signal strength and range of satellites indication for every GNSS constellation on an individual basis. Multiple units support, height calculation, convert from geodesic to philosopher coordinates, and back, drive me.

Project on Map: Save multiple purpose lists, to use them later. Calculate space.

Export purpose lists το:

- .txt (text file)
- .csv (point file - comma separated)
- .kml (google earth file)
- .gpx (Gps Exchange format)
- .dxf (drawing file)

GPS Fields Area Measure

Easy to use, a helpful app for the region, distance, and perimeter management. This tool helps millions of folks to live their fields, mark their required points, and share their measured maps with their colleagues. Measure space, distance, and perimeter - select this app and alter the activity process!

Most helpful for: Farmers, for farm management

- Agronomists
- city planners
- Construction surveyor
- Landscape artists
- Land primarily based on surveys
- Land record management
- Construction surveys
- Health, Education, and facilities mapping
- Farm fencing
- Sports track measuring
- Construction sites and building sites space
- quality mapping
- Landscape style

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