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Why to use Magento for eCommerce?

Magneto has emerged to be the first choice for eCommerce business owners in recent years. Here are the top advantage of Magento over it

Magento has emerged to be the first choice for eCommerce business owners in recent years. Although WordPress and Joomla are the first choices for CMS websites, Magento has managed to take a good share of websites that are working in the eCommerce industry. Some common examples of Magento users are Samsung, Men’s Health, Vizio, Fort, Foxconnect, Lenovo, Nestle Nespresso, Olympus, and Nike.  

We are a Magento development company and have been developing both CMS and eCommerce websites from time to time. When it comes to eCommerce websites, we always suggest our clients go with Magento. So what’s the deal? Why are so many people choosing Magento over its popular counterparts Joomla and WordPress? With this article, we will discuss the top reason behind the popularity of Magento among eCommerce website owners.

Magento is Open Source: 
One of the reasons for Magento’s popularity is that the Magento platform is free to download and use. You can download Magento for free and then alter it as per your requirement. For added eCommerce features, Magento extensions are available to add to the website development for free. 

Online Community Support:
Being an open source software, Magento has a huge base of developers around the world, hence instant help is always available from the online developer community.

eCommerce Advantage:
While none of WordPress, Zoomla, Drupal was built only for eCommerce use, they lack in features that a user finds in Magento. Magento was developed entirely for eCommerce in mind and hence is pre-loaded with features that suit the eCommerce development environment. Magento still outscores the “Wordpress+woocommerce”, and “Drupal+Drupal commerce” options, when it comes to eCommerce development.

When starting out an eCommerce business, it’s always a factor that if the business grew larger will the current website setup will be able to handle this for a bigger audience?.
Magento is capable of handling from a little audience to a very large audience on its website.
If you are starting out with Magento, then be assured that Magento will handle your needs even when you grow multiple folds.

Magento is written so as to respond to queries in a fast manner. Magento gives one of the industries best page load speed and data fetch time.

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