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Top PHP Frameworks with Advantages and Disadvantages

In this blog, we are going to go through the 10 best PHP frameworks that are available for PHP developers.

A framework is one of the most essential parts of application development in PHP. A framework decides the speed and ease of our development process, while using a framework is not essential for PHP development but using one is almost necessary. 

In this blog, we are going to go through the 10 best PHP frameworks that are available for PHP developers. These frameworks are ranked from bottom to top according to their features, tools, ease of use, performance, security, learning curve, etc.

  1. Nette Framework:

  • This is a pure Object-oriented framework
  • Nice debugging tools
  • Latte templating engine
  1. Yii2 Framework:

  • Mature and still fully supported
  • High-performance framework
  • Nice authentication and security packages
  • Rapid development 
  • Gii code generator.
  1. Fuel PHP

  • Simple and Flexible
  • Oil CLI and Code generator
  • Integrated ORM
  • Template Parser
  • Good Security
  1. Zend Framework

  • Great for complex projects
  • Enterprise level framework
  • Agile methodology
  • Tons of components
  1. Slim

  • Micro Framework
  • Fastest for restful API
  • HTTP Router
  • Dependency Injection
  • Easy Middleware
  1. Cake PHP

  • Very mature
  • Powerful scaffolding/ Rapid development
  • Secure(csrf, SQL injection protection)
  • Impressive showcase
  • No complicated configuration
  1. Phalcon PHP

  • Considered the fastest PHP framework
  • Developed in C and C++
  • Great resource management
  • Helpful autoloading
  • Very good security features
  1. Code igniter

  • No special dependencies or support
  • One of the best for learning MVC
  • Easy hosting and development
  • Good performance
  • Great documentation
  1. Symphony

  • Built for large scale enterprise projects
  • Many reusable components
  • High performance
  • Mature and great support
  • Multiple database support
  1. Laravel

  • Extremely popular and respected
  • Makes web development easier and fun
  • Perfect for small and large scale applications
  • Built-in authentication
  • Blade templates, eloquent ORM, artisan


Best frameworks in different departments:

Rest API’s: Slim

Enterprise: Symphony, Zend, Yii2

Speed and Performance: Phalcon

Rapid development: Cake PHP

Ease of Use: Codeigniter, Nette

Overall Best: Laravel

As a PHP development company, we have been using various different frameworks for our PHP development. We select different frameworks on various different factors, sometimes it depends on our requirement and sometimes on our clients.

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