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3 Reasons to Choose Joomla

Joomla has exciting features that thrills every web developer. Let dive into Joomla development with this article

This article is about the powerful features of Joomla development. I am not comparing Joomla with other CMS platforms in this article as there are plenty of such articles already. Joomla has many powerful features but they are useful to you only when they apply to you.

We are a Joomla development company and love Joomla to its core and most of the time vouch for it too.
Here are a few features I believe makes Joomla the perfect choice for web development and CMS projects.

Content Management Features:

Joomla was developed keeping in mind that it will be a CMS and that is what it does the best. There are numerous options and interfaces that let you create, sort, display content just as you wish. Content management becomes more and more important as a website grows larger over the years. Joomla has added advantages to have for a website that has multiple menus, pages, tags, categories, etc.

Standardized Interface:

It is true with technology, that more features always come with more learning curves. Joomla has loads of features inserted in the platform, but the user interface is very well designed and follows a standardized pattern which makes to work with Joomla very easy and addictive.

User Management With ACL Features:

With Joomla, managing a website that uses user registration, user access control is much easier than ever before. Joomla lets as we add as many layers of access control as we want and create as many users as we want. While, whether it’s about assigning a new user a role in our database or changing the role of a user it’s all very easy and hassle-free.

As a web development company, we can confidently suggest you to go with Joomla, if you have a website that needs user account or if the website is going to be very big in the coming feature, Joomla should be the first choice.

We can also handle your website Joomla development service if you would like, you need to just contact us and deliver the details.

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Devi Nanda

Devi Nanda, edits the blogs for Polosoft Technologies. He has been a writer and editor for 2+ years, working for CAD, GIS, LiDAR and App development companies.

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